SEA TEL ST24 Satellite TV

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SEA TEL ST24 Satellite TV

Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV is a flexible and high performing TV-at-Sea antenna system that delivers worldwide & high-latitude Ku-Band HDTV services to multiple satellite receivers onboard.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Operate at higher latitudes.
  • Touch screen Graphical Antenna Control Panel for one touch operation.
  • Install system with off-the-shelf cables.
  • Built-in-test for trouble free operation and smarter fault detection.
  • Stronger signal reception and expanded foot print than the competition.
  • High performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather.
  • Tuna Tower Ready - No expensive upgrades needed.
  • Auto skew option available for maximum signal strength.
  • Fast satellite acquisition using built-In GPS antenna and proprietary algorithms.
  • Act as a backup GPS system with full access to navigational data.
  • Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software.
  • Global Programming and digital music channels.
  • HD Ready (Ku-Band satellites).

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