DM100 S-VDR G2

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DM100 S-VDR G2


VDR Explorer Playback Software Danelec SVDRs are supplied with the VDR Explorer playback software as standard. The software runs from any PC and can provide real-time monitoring and replay recorded data.

The recorded data can be presented in a large variety of both graphical and numerical ways, and is extremely easy and user friendly to operate.

  • Windows based application for playback
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customizable conning page
  • Extract data from the SVDR through a web browser via Web Extractor tool


DanelecConnect Remote Management Solution

DanelecConnect is a web-based remote management service available with the Danelec DM100 SVDR G2. As a value-added interface, DanelecConnect allows selective transmission of data from the SVDR via satellite to the home office without being limited by satellite capacity onboard vessels. Remote management provides a wide range of benefits concerning control, safety and optimization without the need of physical attendance to the vessel, such as:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Remote monitoring and service
  • Ship’s performance optimization

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