The NAVIPILOT 4000 Marine Autopilot uses advanced ship steering control network technology to steer a ship safely and efficiently. The innovative NAVIPILOT 4000 is capable of tuning itself to adapt automatically to the ship’s load characteristics and weather conditions.


Key Benefits:

  Fully self-tuning, adaptive heading control

  Manual selection of steering strategy to suit weather conditions

  Rate and radius control modes

  Meets the requirements of all major classification societies

  Ease of use with logical arrangement of sealed foil keyboard


Efficient Fuel Consumption

The highly reliable NAVIPILOT 4000 ensures continuous self-tuning adaptation for accurate steering and efficient fuel consumption, which is unique to all other autopilots in the marine industry.

Each single rudder activity increases fuel consumption and cost. For this purpose, the NAVIPILOT 4000 can adapt automatically to the current weather and sea conditions.

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