The cost effective fibre-optic gyrocompass solution

  • High Dynamic Accuracy
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fast settling time of 20 minutes
  • MTBF 100,000 hours
  • Type approved for HSC and INS
  • Type approved rate-of-turn output
  • Roll, Pitch and x/y/z-rate outputs
  • Solid-state, fully electronic strap-down technology
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Reliable state of the art fibre-optic technology
  • Not controlled under EU Dual-Use regulations

The NAVIGAT 2200 is the latest addition to Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s successful gyrocompass portfolio. Fully integrated into CompassNet as a single or multi-compass solution, it incorporates all the benefits of the ring-bus system, including simplified cabling, rapid installation, enhanced system flexibility, increased redundancy and hot plug-and-play.

With an ultra-fast settling time, better than Hemispherical Resonator Gyros (HRGs), an industry leading Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) comparable to HRGs, not controlled under EU Dual Use regulations which is unique in the market for strap-down systems, and a cost-effective price, the NAVIGAT 2200 is the ideal solution for any vessel - especially those with dynamic positioning (DP) systems.

Based on the proven FOG technology with reliability of over 130.000 MTBF in the field for the well-known NAVIGAT 3000, and extensively tested on several vessels, the NAVIGAT 2200 is also fully type approved for High Speed Craft (HSC) and Integrated Navigation Systems (INS).

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