The COBHAM SAILOR 6110 mini-C is a true next generation GMDSS solution. Building on the strong foundation of previous SAILOR GMDSS products, it introduces innovative new features and functionality, including touch screen operation through the cutting-edge SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal and an all new approach to installation and networking. The SAILOR 6110 mini-C is more than just a way to meet mandatory GMDSS requirements, because as part of the innovative SAILOR 6000 Series, it is an integral part of a vessel’s communication system. The mini-C system features true triple functionality as it safely handles all GMDSS, SSAS and LRIT operation on board.


The system is comprised of the following items:

SAILOR® 3027C mini-C GMDSS Terminal

The next generation mini-C terminal in the long line of successful SAILOR mini-C products.

SAILOR® 6018 Message Terminal

The revolutionary touch-screen message terminal features a 10.4” high resolution screen that offers seamless interface to all functions via the icon-based interface.

There is both SD card and USB ports for external storage.

SAILOR® 6194 Terminal Control Unit (TCU) - optional

The TCU is used in conjunction with the SSAS option as a connection point, but its functionality can be expanded at a later stage. It meets maritime standards, with easy access and connection.

SAILOR® 6101 Alarm Panel

A newly designed alarm panel for the SAILOR 6000 Series with both visual and audio alarm functionality as well as EGC message status. All received Inmarsat-C alarms can be muted with a single push.

SAILOR® 6103 Alarm Panel

This alarm panel has the same basic features as the SAILOR 6101 Alarm Panel but furthermore, adds VHF and MF/HF distress functionality. As on the SAILOR 6101

Alarm Panel it is possible to mute all alarms with a single push.

SAILOR® 3608 Printer

SAILOR 3608 Compact Printer Unit This unit is designed to be connected to SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal to ensure that EGC and Safety messages can be printed.

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